Gheorghe M. Stefan


Department of Electronic Devices, Circuits and Architectures (Dispozitive, Circuite si Arhitecturi Electronice - DCAE)
Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications & Information Technology
Politehnica University of Bucharest, ROMANIA

Skype name: gheorghe.stefan (located in Nashua, US)
+4 021 402 4814 (office)
+4 021 796 7773 (Bucharest)
+4 024 428 0677 (Valenii de Munte)
+1 603 595 1915 (Goffstown, NH)

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"If you get a letter of recommendation that counts number of publications, rather than commenting substantively on a candidate's contributions, ignore it."

David Lorge Parnas: "Stop the Numbers Game. Counting papers slows the rate of scientific progress" , Communication of the ACM , November 2007.

"Under the current funding regime, is it possible to obtain support for long-term basic research with little apparent prospect of practical applications? ... Now only safe, incremental "normal science" (Thomas Kuhn) is funded and published, not paradigm shifts. Creativity is slaughtered. ... We are clearly going in the wrong direction now in some societies where creativity is micromanaged by gigantic bureaucracies."

Gregory Chaitin: Proving Darwin. Making Biology Mathematical, Vintage Books, New York, 2012.

"In between writing grant proposals describing what I intend to do, and writing reports about what I have done, there in no time left to actually do anything!"

Mario Livio: The Equation That Could't Be Solved. How mathematical Genius Discovered the Language of Symmetry, Simon & Schuster, New York, 2005.

The following technical & scientific subjects haunted me in the last few decades:

Meantime, anxious about non technical matters, I wrote the following texts:



The following political problems harassed me in my short political involvment as member of Petre Roman Government 2:


My civic involvement is a sequel of my short politic adventure. Resulted some sporadic actions and opinions referring to the (too) perennial Romanian problems: