Gheorghe M. STEFAN's CV

Office: Electronics, Telecommunications & Information Technology Faculty (ETTI): Bd. Iuliu Maniu 1-3, Bucharest 6, 061071 Romania; Room A420
Home address: Electronic address: EDUCATION:
1980 Ph.D. in Electronics, Politehnica University of Bucharest (PUB), coordinator: Professor Mihai Draganescu
1971 BS & MS in Electronics, Politehnica University of Bucharest

2018-to date: Emeritus Professor, PUB, ETTI, EDCA
2012-2016: Head of EDCA Department, ETTI, PUB
2011-to date: Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy
2003-2009: Chief Scientist & co-Founder, BrightScale (formerly Connex Technology (formerly Gemicer )), CA
2001-2003: Visiting (research & teaching), St. Marry's College of Maryland University, MD
2001-2003: Senior Consultant, Infocruiser, MD
2001: Visiting (research), Smith College, Northampton, MA
2000-2001: Senior Consultant, NoBug Consulting, Sunnyvale CA (Bucharest office)
1997- 2018: Professor, PUB, ETTI, EDCA
1992-2000: Adjunct Professor, University Transilvania of Brasov
1991- to date: Scientific coordinator, Center of New Electronic Architectures of the Romanian Academy
1990 (June 28) - 1991 (October 16): Minister of Education & Science in the Romanian Government
1990-97: Associate Professor, PUB, ETTI, EDCA
1988-90: Assistant Professor, PUB, ETTI, EDCA
1972-88: Teaching Assistant, Politehnica University of Bucharest (PUB), Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ETTI}, Department of Electronic Devices, Circuits and Architectures (EDCA)
1971-72: Assistant Researcher, Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest