Educational Reform

In the first years after the Revolution, the Romanian educational reform in education was confronted by real problems, false problems and a lot of slogans.

The main slogans: The false problems: The real problems: Despising all of these impediments I considered that the reform must start with a simple, clear, and permissive project embodied in the "Law of the educational reform". No matter how idealistic this law will be, I thought, it is necessary because it establishes our main targets.
In September 1991 I decided (after few days spent with Sorin Antohi in Oxford, attending a workshop on financing education) to write myself the project (accompanied by few introductory statements ), because previous tentative provided too conservative, too complex and too detailed forms.
``Miners" ended my political adventure and I did not have time to submit my project, by turn, to the Prime Minister, Government and Romanian Parliament. I used it few years later, when Professor Andrei Tugulea helped me to send it as a general amendment to the Law of Education debated at that moment in the Romanian Parliament. As far as I know it was completely ignored (see the full of slogans, conservative, bushy and huge text of the actual law ).